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2baba “I almost succumbed to Depression” Innocent Idibia reveals

An interview with Amaka hitmaker 2baba by Genevieve Magazine has revealed a rather dark side of the legendary singer. Having started music at such a young age, Innocent Idibia, formerly 2face Idibia was tempted to live a larger than life lifestyle, something that is very prevalent among young celebrities.

As 2baba told Genevieve, he sired very many children with multiple women and this put him in the risk of getting into a depressive state. Reading from his public record you can tell that the African Queen brainchild has one, too many children, and he clearly is never ashamed of his children.

As he told the interviewers, there has never been a time in his music career that he has ever faced that much criticism like in his younger years. People used to throw shades at him cursing his care-free life and this threw the singer into a state of reflecting over his life again.

He surely wouldn’t undo his mistakes and therefore braved on to correct his wrongs. At the time Mr. Idibia had contemplated doing harm to his life, but thank God he never went through with it and he was able to recuperate and lead a healthy life once again.

Today the singer is a proud father of at least 6 children which include Isabella, Nino, Rose, Justin, Zii, and Innocent. In 2012, the 43-year old singer married the love of his life Ms. Annie Macaulay-Idibia. His message to other people suffering from depression is that they too can make it through if they brave on to face their challenges head-on.

Image courtesy of #2babaofficialInstagram

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