AllWell is here with 99, her first single in the year 2019. The long-awaited tune by the young stunning super talented female artist had her fans in a frenzy. Thankfully, the Official 99 release is finally here, and my oh my, is it causing some serious static.

The club banger has music fanatics jumping off their seats and onto the dance floor, shaking what their mama gave em. The track was produced and edited by the mad genius, music god producer, Elchiby.

The producer set the track on a whole new level, a super Mile high club. I’m eating my arm off not just liking my fingers, metaphorically speaking, and craving some more.

AllWell has her recording label 2azentertainment to thank for the development of the 99 MP3. This label is off to a good start, with the hot sizzling track. We can only hope that the gears of creativity in AllWell’s mind and heart are as phenomenal and popping with magic as in this star-struck project.

I’m pretty sure, she won’t disappoint, we hope to see more of her work, ASAP. The lyrics in this song are super thrilling. 2azentertainment outdid themselves in the production of the track. Listening to it for the first time, you can hardly tell that the banger is from a new artist in the industry.