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These are perhaps the best Anna Marie 2002 covers, Samantha Harvey nailed it!


I haven’t been listening to covers lately, but one particular song ignited that cover obsession spirit once more. Remember Anne Marie’s 2002 song which debuted sometimes in April? Yeah, that was one huge banger. Anne might have been in some really deep thoughts when writing that song, the lyrics go something like this:

I will always remember the day you kissed my lips

Light as a feather

And it went just like this

No, it’s never been better

Than the summer of …………… know it!

The rhyme, tone, and lyrics are just in sync. Now after the song was released I didn’t get to listen to all the covers though I somewhat did listen to Kurt’s cover of the song which he did with the help of Alex Goot and Jada Facer. I bet most of you did. However, today I had a chance to review a ton of Anne Marie 2002 guitar covers as well as those done on the piano. In this piece, I have compiled the best five 2002 covers. Actually, Ed Sheeran also covered this song and it was epic, though my best vote goes to Samantha Harvey. Here is my list:

  1. Samantha Harvey

2. Alex Goot, Jada Facer, KHS

3. Marie & Ed Sheeran Acoustic

4. The Soft spoken J.Fla

5. Allie Sherlock cover live performance

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