Barely a fortnight after Redsan Beat up his producer Sappy, a number of reputed artists and producers have come out strongly to condemn the act. However, none of them has gone to the limits that upcoming artist Seroney aka Mr. Shuga has gone. In solidarity with Sappy’s unfortunate incident, the artist is cooking up a diss track titled ‘Bring it Back’ aimed to lyrically kill Redsan. Seroney who is a vibrant upcoming crooner in the Kenyan entertainment scene is working closely with producer Ulopa Ngoma of Side B Entertainment to develop the track.

It’s not clear why an upcoming singer like Mr. Shuga would want to diss a legend like Redsan. But history has it that upcoming singers and celebrities often make a name by infuriating and getting personal with artists who have already made it in the industry. Let’s just hope that this newly founded beef between Seroney and Redsan doesn’t come to blows. Who knows maybe ‘Bring it Back’ isn’t that bad after all.