Boyce Avenue totally nailed it with their new cover of Fathers and Daughters. Now, most people don’t know the story behind the song. Originally this song was written by Michael Bolton back in 2015 as a soundtrack for the sensational Movie Fathers & Daughters which premiered back in 2015. The movie is still one of the most inspirational American-Italian drama films and was directed by the talented Gabriele Muccino.

As part of the script, Michael Bolton was invited to an early private screening of the movie. Actually, this was meant to give him a hint on the type of soundtrack to write. Credible sources indicate that the artist was moved to tears after watching a few scenes of the movie. Being a father of three daughters, Bolton was obliged to write a touching, heartfelt tune for Fathers to sing to their daughters.

Lyrically, this song emulates what Russell Crowe (who plays the role of a father in the movie) would have sung to his daughter. Amanda Seyfried plays the emotive role of Crowe’s daughter. The plot of the film is basically about the strong bond that exists between a father and daughter. Amidst an uncaring and turbulent world, Fathers will always try to be there for their daughters and protect them. Notably, the film is based on a script written in 2012 by Brad Desch.

Boyce Avenue’s lead artist Alejandro Manzano covered Michael Bolton’s song in a poignant slow tune. This song is for anyone who loves music and totally appreciates the role of a family in their life. Boyce Avenue Fathers and Daughters cover is a perfect tune for those family gatherings. Personally, I’d recommend this song to anyone who has a daughter that’s getting married. Sing it at her wedding, and let her know that Fathers and Daughters never say goodbye.

The lyrics to Boyce Avenue Fathers and Daughters cover are not any different from Michael Bolton’s original version of the song. They go something like this:

“When times are hard I know you’ll be strong

I’ll be there in your heart when you’ll carry on

Like moonlight on the water, and sunlight in the sky

Fathers and daughters never say goodbye”

Courtesy of Boyce Avenue’s YouTube Channel