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Boyce Avenue Yellow cover Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Boyce Avenue has redone the cover of Coldplay’s Yellow live at the Royal Albert Hall. Actually, this was among the first songs that the band did when they came into the market about a decade ago.  Boyce Avenue included a cover of Yellow in their recently released 2018 album, titled Live At The Royal Albert Hall. The Album, which was launched on 14 October 2018 is a compilation of 21 of their best songs, most of which are live performances from the London based hall.

The original ‘Yellow’ lyrics were written and recorded by the legendary 4-man band, Coldplay. Alejandro and his crew contracted a number of musical experts to make the live recording of this Album a success. These include John Rupp, for the live recording, Jason Burrows and Austin Deptula on the drums, mixing and mastering and last but not least, Chief Engineer and 3Peace Records Studio Manager Adam Barber. All the filming for this song was done by Roar House in collaboration with BA’s Fabian Manzano. Enjoy.

Photo Courtesy #BoyceAvenue YouTube

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