Justin Bieber Come Over

WTF! Come Over? Did Justin Bieber just try to outwit Shakira? JB just did a refix of Shakira’s 2001 song Whenever, Wherever and to be honest most of us, the modern pop lovers, would vouch for him.

In the video dubbed Come Over, Bieber showcases some of his best times and best performances in his musical career. I got to watch the video among the first people who heard it as from last year and my first impression was just WOOOW!

Overall the song is super cool and among the best refixes and covers ever produced in 2018/2019. Shakira’s original song was ideal for the millennials, but Justin Bieber refixed it to fit the taste of the new generation (Generation X).

Have a look at JB’s Come Over MP3 and Fan Video below. Sadly, there is nothing official about this video as it’s just more of a fan compilation Video.

This might be because the Whenever, Wherever cover song was possibly a fun project for the artist. However, there is still hope that the singer might redo the video with something more official sometime soon.

Just last week the singer complemented his I don’t Care MP3 (Featuring Ed Sheeran) with an epic video. As of now the video has over 45 Million YouTube views in just 5 days.