Dantez (14 years) “Teachers borrow me money after 60 Million signing deal”

Dantez is among Kenya’s youngest talents in the music industry. Just the other day the Nishike hitmaker did a very insightful interview on radio where he disclosed his journey through music and education.

Surprisingly, the young talent who goes by the real name Daniel Simiyu aka Dantez is a very good performer in the classroom. His teachers and schoolmates are proud of him.

In the live interview that he did on the radio a while ago, the artist disclosed that his music career started on a very bad note. His mother, in particular, was not convinced that his son would make it through music and at one instance, Dantez received a thorough beating from his mother for just sharing his thoughts on wanting to do music.

Today, the secondary school young music star claims that he faces a different set of problems. Dantez 254 disclosed on the radio that some of his teachers and classmates have formed a habit of borrowing money from him, something that kind of disappoints him.

Last year Daniel Simiyu won himself a 60 million signing deal for his musical talent with the help of Maliza Umaskini Production. The singer had previously been rescued from the streets in a sorry state but now has a very bright future ahead of him.

His latest song Nishike has gained traction very fast. Other Dantez songs include Mawazo, Mama, Nibariki plus other upcoming songs. We wish him all the best.