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Diamond Platnumz Threatens moving to Kenya in Viral Video after Tanzania Performance Ban

A couple of weeks ago we explained to you why Diamond Platnumz has very little chance of surviving Tanzania’s music regulatory board BASATA. If you haven’t, you can read Why Diamond won’t Survive BASATA in order to get a clue on the long harrowing journey that Baba Nillan has gone through under Tanzanian Authorities. In truth, most of Diamond’s fans suspect foul play by the government especially now that the artists have amassed huge followers in the country.

His recent tribulation with Baraza la Sanaa Tanzania after the Mwanza Ban got the artist barred from performing any live shows in the country, let alone play any of his music publicly. Up to now, the music council has not issued any statement citing the duration of Diamond’s ban. However, in a viral audio file that has been doing rounds on social media, the artist went on record saying that he can move to another country and perform his music there. This is if at all Tanzania is not happy with his talent.

The viral audio is presumably clipped from an interview that Platnumz did with Times FM earlier this year after a couple of his songs were outlawed by the government. In terms of music followers, Kenya comes second after the artist’s home country, where Naseeb Abdul Juma has millions of followers. As a matter of fact, Platnumz gets a lot of gigs from Kenyan events than any other East African country other than his motherland.

Lets also not forget that Diamond is currently dating a Kenyan girl, NRG’s radio presenter, Tanasha Donna. As of now, we could argue that Tanzania has no other international artist other than Mr. Naseeb. Nevertheless, the recent ban won’t affect other subsequent performances of the artist in Kenya, including the upcoming Wasafi festival.

Banning his music sounds like a really unwise move and it’s more of backstabbing the country’s creative industry. Tanzania, being a very religious country cannot possibly promote profane content in music and film. Even so, barring musicians from performing their music is way too radical a move and could probably cripple promising talents in the country.

If the issue is not resolved, we might be seeing more of Wasafi’s artists being witch hunted. Just last month, WCB frontman RayVanny was fined 400,000 Kshs alongside Platnumz for Mwanza.  RayVanny went ahead to undermine Basata online without any apologies to make to the council.

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