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Diamond & Rayvanny Mwanza Banned! See Words in Lyrics that caused the Ban

Diamond Platnumz might have gotten away with the crude language he used in Kwangwaru, but the Tanzanian Authorities are not about to let him lose with Mwanza. Just two days after Croonzone published concerns over Diamond and Rayvanny’s use of “dirty” language in their new song titled Mwanza, Tanzania’s council of music (BASATA) has now banned the track. Baraza la Sanaa Tanzania(BASATA) issued a ban for Platnumz’s banger and prohibited it from being played anywhere in the coastal nation of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

One of the senior officials of BASATA, Godfrey Mngereza expressed his disappointment in the Iyena Hitmakers, especially in Naseeb Abdul Juma. His main complaints were that old time and reputable artists like Naseeb should show a good example to upcoming artists and aim for morality in their music. In the song, which is shot in the port city of Mwanza (in Nyegezi), Vanny and Wasafi Boss shorten the word Nyegezi to Nyege which basically means Horny.

Among other phrases in the Mwanza lyrics that are likely to have caused the ban is

katoto hakashikiki

Huvunjaja na kiti

Ah iweke Chuma magimbimbi

Basically, almost every three words in the song are followed by a deeply erotic phrase. For those that understand Swahili, you will note that all that the artists are describing in the song is their ordeal (making love) with a Ghetto Girl. In the past, Baraza la Sanaa has never been pushed to the limit like what Naseeb and Ray did. Kwangwaru which featured another renowned Tanzanian artist, Harmonize, barely made it past the watchful eyes of the music council. Just like the banned song, this one had even much more descriptive and profane sexual language.

As we speak, the debarred song has over a million views on YouTube and as it is, the songwriters are standing on thin ice. Word has it that they have written a letter to the Music Board defending their song but this probably won’t make any difference. Diamond’s reputation is on the line. Just weeks ago a Tanzanian politician sued the African Beauty crooner citing that he should be banned from TZ’s musical scene. We can only wait and see what happens.

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