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Diamonds stepfather regrets paying less dowry for his wife Sanura Sandra

Maisala Shante, Diamond Platinumz stepfather took to social media to show his love for his wife Sanura Sandra. Apparently, in his trending love message, Diamond’s father regrets paying less dowry than what the older beauty deserved. He shared her photo on his Instagram page thanking God for having her. The love-struck business tycoon who is also known as Rally Jones moved on to compare the love of his life to a school going girl due to her nice figure and great looks.

The two lovebirds tied the knot in the year 2016 and made their marriage go public in December 2017. Rally Jones, however, had to fight widespread rumors that he was attracted to Sandra’s money and did not marry her genuinely. This is coupled with the fact that the mother to Tanzanian star Diamond Platinumz is obviously way older than him.

Rally made it clear that he was a wealthy businessman and added that Ms. Sandra would not have married a broke person. A simple glance of Diamond’s father tells you that he is at least below 50 years of age, unlike his spouse, Sanura Sandra age. Many haters actually referred to Mr. Maisala Shante as a Ben 10 after which Diamond’s mother defended him claiming that his younger age was nothing that would hamper their relationship. Earlier on, she even expressed interest in getting pregnant for her new husband. We wish the couple all the best.

Image Courtesy: #Ghafla

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