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Drunk Vimbada producer mishandles Wambui Katee on Raburu’s 10 over 10 show

Last night’s 10 over 10 show was among the lit’est editions of the show since Raburu’s return on stage. Apparently everything was going smoothly with epic performances from Germany-based disc jockey, DJ Angelo and our very own Arrow Bwoy.

Dj Angelo and Willis Raburu at last night's 10 over 10 show
Dj Angelo and Willis Raburu at last night’s 10 over 10 show

However, this fun affair almost came to a halt after a very distasteful sight was displayed by renowned music producer Eyoo Sevil. As usual, just like with any 10 over 10 shows, Raburu had to interview and give a couple of artists a chance to do their thing.

Notable upcoming artists like Cover girl Wambui Katee and even some coming from the coast were among those invited to perform. However, this time Wambui was not alone. She was going to perform RAMBO, a collab song she did in early February 2020 featuring Sevil.

Where Wambui Katee ‘ s Rambo became Rape..OOH

Against anyone’s expectations, what was meant to be a light dance turned to a rough Rape kind of thing. This is after the KANYAGA LAMI producer pulled Katee violently and inappropriately towards his crotch.

Reading Sevil’s intentions, the female artist tried helplessly to free herself from the firm grip of Heyoo. Luckily she was able to free herself but not her jacket. Seeing this, the unruly producer pulled the helpless girl’s jacket towards him attempting to do a “daggering” on her.

The sight was very displeasing even to the already hyped fans. From Sevil’s movements and staggering it was evident that he was drunk. All this time Raburu watched powerlessly amidst the fans, wondering what to do next.

Luckily, the professional Willis was able to bring some sanity on to the stage. This he did by making sure to stay in between the two. Of course, this was in a bid to prevent any further misbehavior from the intoxicated producer.

The 10 over 10 show remains a very important platform that is enabling upcoming creators in Kenya and abroad to showcase their talents.

People who misuse this platform like the likes of Heyoo Sevil should not be allowed on stage. They might have made it and may not even value the opportunity.

However, many upcoming artists, like Mbogi Genje and Wambui Katee value such a platform. Getting to perform on 10 over 10 is a rare and valuable opportunity. Meaning such an opportunity should be respected and revered regardless of who you are in the industry. Bigup #Willis_Raburu.

Watch Rambo below:

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