Esther Passaris Twa Twa with Jidenna, Women rep defends herself on Live TV

Barely a week after Kenyans teased Esther Passaris to Twa Twa with megastar Jidenna, the Nairobi Women Representative has returned with her own version of a comeback. Well, Passaris happened to have bumped onto RnB singer Jidenna about a week ago. Allegedly, this was on a flight after finding herself on a seat next to Jidenna’s manager.

It is during the flight that she was able to hook up with the Particular crooner through her manager. However, as usual, Kenyans were very quick to judge and even tease mheshimiwa to twa twa with the singer.

The Esther Passaris Jidenna twa twa issue brought about mixed reactions on social media. Nevertheless, the bulk of Kenyans were quite positive about the meetup. In an interview with Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli on 20th Dec 2019, the duly-elected women rep and politician explained how she hooked up with the Nigerian-American singer.

As she explained, she did not know the singer and was only able to know who Jidenna was through his manager. The manager was sitting next to her during her flight and some chit chat ensued. It is after landing at Entebbe International Airport that she insisted on a photo with the “Classic man” brainchild.

The duo posed for a picture together which was later sent to her by J Theodore Mobisson’s team. As Lilian interviewed Esther, it was evident that the politician was pissed off by the younger generation of Kenyans being disrespectful to their elders and leaders.

Kenyans' reaction on passaris twa twa with Jidenna issue
Kenyans tell passaris to twa twa with Jidenna


In the one on one section of the news, Passaris cited that she was 55 years old and it is even a wonder that some men as young as 25 would even say such mannerless things about her.

Among other things discussed in the interview were: matters to do with corruption, her early life and marriage life.

The twa twa challenge has been trending for the last one month. By now many Kenyans fully understand the meaning of the sex-related phrase. Jidenna twa twa with Esther Passaris is just one of those crazy Kenyan trends that might go down memory lane.

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