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Ethic crew banned, Lamba Lolo removed from YouTube

Just as the Lamba Lolo crew, Ethic was beginning to reap fruit from their talent, a disagreement between the team and their manager Kitawi Mwakitele now becomes a threat to the group’s future. After the song became a hit, Lamba Lolo received alot of airplay both on TV and on radio. Mixed reactions about the song were shared on social platforms with some artists like Size 8 bashing it over immorality. This comes at a time when the government is resolving whether  to ban pornography and all immoral content from the internet across the country in a bid to reduce teenage pregnancy cases in Kenya.

The Kenya Film Classification Board has threatened to take serious measures in order to curb immoral content in the country. Through CEO Ezekiel Mutua, KFCB banned a number of Kenya’s hottest videos including the upcoming lesbigay Kenyan film Rafiki. Some people hoped that the Saba hitmakers would be banned too, though that did not happen.

Last year the board also threatened to ban Sauti Sol’s Melanin song featuring Patoranking, a video that has since garnered over 12 million views on YouTube. As we speak Ethic’s Lamba Lolo had crossed over 1 million views on Youtube, while their second song Position featuring The Kansoul was closely behind. The animosity between the 4-man band and their manager Kitavi aka Teleh Mani has been going on since the band went viral earlier this year.

Both songs have since been removed from Youtube probably due to the firey lawsuit between the band and its manager. As long as the suit is not resolved in the courts, Rekles and his teammates cannot perform any of their songs live. Being a young lyrical team, reputable personells in Kenya’s Entertanment scene have come out strongly to defend Ethic saying that we are killing young Kenyan talent.

Actually all their songs have been removed from YouTube’s index. This includes their latest track Saba, which we reviewed earlier on, questioning the profanity in the song. East Africa is taking huge strides in order to restore sanity in its music and film industry. Tanzania for example through BASATA banned one of Diamond platnumz latest songs tagged Mwanza over crude and profane content.

Of course, for a singer like Diamond, that might not be that big of a blow to him. However, in the case of upcoming artists like the Ethic Crew, getting almost all your songs banned in a row because of a scuffle between you and your manager is actually a redlight. A number of bans like these and the crew risks getting exterminated from the industry.


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