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“Figa is a nonesense song” Kibe 2020 message to Ethic “Kamene is not your ratchet!”

Last night’s episode of the trend was a recap of some of the most heated sessions of the Trend in 2019. One Trend episode that particularly got our attention was Amina’s interview with Kamene “Goal” and “Raw” Kibe.

This was not the only time that the two radio presenters were on TV together in 2019. In this repeat episode, the trio led by Amina Abdi was discussing Ezekiel Mutua’s decision to question Kamene Goro.

Allegedly, Mutua was not happy with Goro for featuring in Ethic’s Figa Remix video ft Konshens. It is in the same interview that Kibe warned Ethic to quit changing their musical style in order to get deals.

In his own words, the enigmatic radio presenter asked Seska and his crew not to go the corporates way in their music. He also went ahead to warn the crew not to include Kamene in their future projects.

“Go use your ratchets Kamene is too big for you,” the presenter uttered. That was just one of the best episodes of The trend in 2019.

Kamene has been pushing for the support of Kenyan music. She has sworn to continue working with upcoming artists like Ethic crew. Of course, you can watch the interview below.

We are hoping that a second interview with the same trio might be redone this year.

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