Just a few days after releasing Figa, Kenyan Sensation Ethic are back with the remix for Figa featuring none other than Konshens. We could brand Konshens as the king of Dancehall currently. In the new Figa Remix MP3, not much has changed in the banger especially in terms of the instrumental and original Figa Lyrics.

Nevertheless, this new recording is a huge step up for Ethic singers judging that the group literally came from nothing. In as much as profanity is a huge part of their play in most of their songs, the crew of four is truly super talented.

Rekles and his teammates remain unruffled by some of the sentiments shared across social media over their choice of sex-laced lyrics in Figa Remix.

The team, which consists of Rekles, Zilla, Seska, and Swat has a good number of hit songs to their name. Some of these bangers include their breakthrough banger, Lamba Lolo. They’ve also done pet projects like Pandana, Saba, and Instagram. One of their major collaborations is New Position, featuring the Kansoul.

Adding Konshens Figa Remix to this list makes the song a first-time international collaboration. Currently, the young crooners are signed to Dub Police. People have expressed mixed reactions towards this Dancehall remix on Social media. All the same, most are positive reactions.