Honestly, we were all dazzled about the debut of Ethic. They were young artists out to make a living from the music world, and before we knew it, we were all singing along to their rather uncouth music. These are the guys who were representing the Kenyan youth to a whole new level. In other words, Genge Version 2.0 was back on the lyrical culture and it had these guys to thank. Their first song was Lamba Lolo and as simple as the title implies, it had a deeper vulgar meaning that really got some massive traction on the Kenyan streets.

May 1st marked a year since Ethic was formed. The group, whose members are Relies, Swat, Zilla, and Seska, entered the scene to give us fresh urban music that had some serious grit, honesty, and courage.

Perhaps, we could say that their musical career took off to great heights by participating in Coke Studio 2018. And yeah this wasn’t luck, it was Coke Studio, giving the right step in the right direction.

Actually, most artists by now would probably be in the dark if it wasn’t for this foursome. Some of these groups include the likes of Ochunglo Family, Boondocks Gang, G-Rock, Gwaash and more, just to list a few. Now back on to serious matters, has Ethic really been dethroned?

Has the super talented urban team met their match or worse gotten kicked to the curb? Being on top of the game and staying on top are two different things. Various artists have learned the ropes and now they know what Kenyans want.

In my opinion, a little bit of spicing up is all it takes to take this crown. I do believe Ethic should be on their toes the threat is real. However, on being dethroned, that’s not even close. Ethic is still a force to reckon with on the Kenyan entertainment spotlight. The crew recently signed recording label AI records where they released a new track dubbed Figa.