Inama – Diamond Platnumz, Official Video is Out! Yay

Diamond Platnumz has just released the visuals for Inama, his latest project featuring Congolese Mega Lingala superstar, Fally Ipupa. The new Inama video is rather nostalgic for the now almost forgotten Lingala musical style, which Fally Ipupa has chosen to remain loyal to.

The video showcases the traditional Lingala way of dancing, where a bunch of dudes (probably up to 50 guys) is lined up in a single file and perform uniform dance moves together. Actually, the same thing was repeated in Tetema video, featuring WCB frontman Ray Vanny.

This banger has the same kind of vibe and beat as Iyena if you can remember the song. In Swahili, Inama means bend over, and while this is somewhat an offensive title to give to an African song, Diamond Platnumz doesn’t seem to give a  piss of what people think.

Some times back, the Jibebe crooner was banned by BASATA, over indecency in his lyrics for different songs. The Inama lyrics might not have anything suggestive that the singer is once again crossing BASATA’s boundaries, but it sure might cause a tempest on Social Media.

Inama follows his last video release this year dubbed The One, a song that debuted towards the end of April 2019. Being 100% frank, this new song is pretty awesome, taking away the mild sexual phrases in the lyrics. The beats are also danceable, you can expect some cool choreographies and covers being done on the same track. Enjoy!