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Kenyans mock Murkomen Cooking Ugali without fire

A video of Murkomen cooking Ugali shocked Kenyans on Thursday. The said video surfaced online after the man of the day shared it across all his social media handles.

The renowned politician tweeted the video showing his unbeatable cooking skills. He cooked ugali mainly made from millet, maize and cassava flour.

Sitting inside a dilapidated oven, you can see Murkomen cooking ugali. In the video, the politician is seen kneading ugali like an expert on a three-stone jiko. The ironical part is that there is hardly any fire in the three stone oven.

Additionally, the senator went ahead to tell his fans how to prepare the meal. To start with, the meal consists of millet, maize and cassava flour and water.

Nevertheless, Kenyans went ahead to mock Murkomen cooking Ugali. On social media, people questioned the politician for claiming to cook Ugali without fire.

However, in the video, Murkomen explains why he had to kill the fire when cooking Ugali. In broken Kiswahili, the politician explained that by removing the firewood at that stage, you lower the heat thus allowing the ugali to cook slow.

Where was Murkomen cooking Ugali?

Allegedly Senator Kipchumba was on a trip to his original home upcountry. It is during the nostalgic event that he decided to show Kenyans that he can cook the traditional meal.

On this trip, he was in the company of his wife. The senator also visited his aunt who lives along Kerio escarpment. In his emotional post he stated:

I grew up them days when children were community property. Every so often, especially during holidays we visited our relatives. One of those relatives is my aunt who lives along Kerio escarpment. It was always my greatest pleasure to visit Mama Chesir now KoJepkoech at Kapshelbei,Chepturotwo. Reminds me of the child games, looking after goats, farming in Korchombus, swimming in Kerio River etc. Now yesterday after visiting my aunt and cousin at Soko Bora, I took my wife for a nostalgic walk up the hills to Chepturotwo. It was such lovely hike despite the challenges of walking along a dangerous escarpment.

Here are some of the comments by Kenyans on the Murkomen cooking Ugali matter.


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