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Kenyans Pranked again? Otile Brown wrote Vera Sidika’s song ‘Nalia’

A rather shocking revelation has taken Kenya’s entertainment scene by surprise. Guess what? A source has revealed that Otile Brown allegedly wrote the song Nalia for his ex Vera Sidika. Opening up to Dizzim a close friend of Brown revealed that the breakup between the Kistaarabu hitmaker and his lover was staged-managed and was actually a publicity stunt intended to drive their PRs up. According to the source, the Video vixen Calisa is a close friend of Otile and the two planned on getting her in Vera’s Nalia video in order to attract fans for Vera from Tanzania.

In the video, Calisa makes a mockery of the Chaguo la Moyo crooner and tries to re-enact the Mercedes row that got the couple breaking up in the first instance. This way, the trio garnered a lot of attention from East Africa and of course, this means cashing in more checks.

After the ordeal, the couple has received some good deals from influencers including tours, and concerts. Just a couple of days ago Otile performed in Germany, probably one of the major proceeds from his publicity stunt. On the other hand, his ex stands to benefit even more now that her weight loss brands are selling considerably well due to her publicization.

Whether Brown wrote the song or not, that is plausible, although one thing stands very clear, there was no love between the two celebs. Rumors are even flying around that OB has since moved on to another hotter lady, whom he shared photos with on social media.

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