Kwame Rigii is not your regular panelist on a popular cultural-themed program. The young and talented singer has a deep knowledge of the Kikuyu culture and has been trending on the local Kikuyu media platforms for quite some time. Ngemi, which means ululations, is his latest project, and we have discussed the song and lyrics in detail below.

You might not be a big fan of local Kenyan content but to this song, Ngemi, I’m gonna make an exception. The designing and artistic nature of this song sets it apart from all the other local songs and saying that I don’t like it, would be a big fat lie.

Is Kwame’s Ngemi a cover of Glorious?

The inspiring song is sort of a Kikuyu cover to David Archuleta’s banger dubbed Glorious. Actually, when Ngemi lyrics are translated from Kikuyu to English, you can note that the message is unaltered.

David Archuleta released Glorious from meet the Mormons last year (2018) and included the track in his album, Winter in the Air. Originally, Glorious was done by Stephanie Mabey, after which Archuleta did his own rendition of the track. Basically, the song encourages us not to give up, and this is the same message that Kwame Rigii is trying to drive home with Ngemi.

Kwame has been singing for nearly two decades, though he had sometime off, sort of a break in his dark moments. It seems as though this “time off” has really paid off. A while back he did a song that came to be known as Mwene Nyaga. Earlier this year he also did Gùùkù.

Coming back to the studio has made Kwame Rigii get back to his rightful spot on the cultural stage, ensuring that the spotlights are perpendicular to his standpoint. Setting the pace and standing side by side, if not ahead with your own legacy is no stroll in the park. But for the NedokaH Music, singer, Ngai ee Mbere (God is Ahead).

Where is the Video shot in?

Back to the visuals, the Ngemi music video is simple but still effective, with the splendid view of nature at the background. The video looks like it was shot in Muranga highlands, which is the original home for the Kikuyu community.

The video gives us a sneak peek to the rich culture of the Agikuyu tribe. As a music fan, I’m liking the new Kwame Rigii. The upgrade is surely fitting and we really want to see more from the artist. As the Agikuyu people say, Thayu! (Be in Peace). Don’t forget to like Rigii’s Facebook page here.