Lady Funl’ayo – He’s Taken Eh

Lady FunL’ayo is finally back with He’s Taken Eh. The super talented Nigerian female artist has really surprised me. I’ve never been a fan of Nigerian music given the exception of the disbanded team up squad, P-Square, Tiwa Savage, as well as Wiz Kid. This is just to name a few artists from West Africa that are super popular.

People have always thought that their “ooh” at the end of every line, was a desperate attempt to create a rhyme scheme. However, in the He’s Taken Eh lyrics, Lady FunL’ayo has really tried her best not to highlight this weakness that is quite monotonous with a majority of Nigerian artists.

Yeah sure it’s the way they talk, but repetition does make a song longer. Also, giving a song plain lyrics that are easy to predict, at the end of the day, makes the song lack a finesse, making it super boring.
This song is, well, understandably confused, with a little rap here and some singing there. The pattern in the instrumental kind of gives He’s Taken Eh a hint of Lingala.

Other projects from Lady FunL’ayo include:
1. Ani Kilode
2. My Honda
3. OnJolly

However, the above-mentioned confusion really sets He’s Taken Eh Mp3 apart from other West African songs. Well, you might not like this song very much, but what’s important is she did a good try. I’ve got my eyes on you Lady FunL’ayo. This song features Big Jay and Tomisin Ayibiowu. Enjoy!