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Magix Enga hilarious Diss to Willy Paul & Nandy – ifikie @willy.paul.msafi 😂 🤨

Magix Enga’s recent row with Bongo hitmaker Harmonize kind of got him angry about the whole Bongo music niche.

Unfortunately, after much ruckus online, the Dundaing brainchild finally agreed to revoke his copyright infringement allegations over Harmonize’s Uno song.

However, the restoration of Uno back to YouTube did not mean that Enga’s war with Bongo artists was over.

Just a few hours ago, Kenyan gospel musician-turned Bongo artist, Willy Paul found himself in one of Magix’s Bongo music ridicules.

In a Facebook post, the Mambichwa hitmaker posted a hilarious video of a woman covering Willy Paul’s Halleluyah song.

Markedly, Halleluyah is Poze’s own composition featuring Tanzanian lyrical goddess, Nandy.

The Nandy ft Willy Paul Halleluyah cover showcases a woman with a terrible voice singing the song in a funny way. In the post, Magix captioned:

Amedai ifikie @willy.paul.msafi 😂 🤨🤨🤨Alafu Naskia Msanii kutoka bongo amefanya nini?

Watch here:

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