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Maroon 5 Cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ was a Blast

Adam Levine together with his band, Maroon 5, have received a lot of airplay this month. Literally days after the crew released Girls like You, the Maroons have now covered Bob Marley’s classic song “Three Little Birds”. The Maroon 5 3 little birds cover was recorded as part of Hyundai’s campaign for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, which kicked off yesterday.

If you didn’t get a glimpse of this excellent cover, you’ve not missed it yet. Maroon 5 did a cheerful cover of one of Bob Marley’s masterpiece classics, “Three Little Birds”. The cover went down on Saturday the 9th of June. Unlike most of their songs, this cover is braced with a sweet vocal harmony from all of the band’s members.  Normally, Adam Levine sings like entirely for the band but for their Three Little Birds cover video, Adam and company play coherent vocal roles while bouncing to the track in front of a tropical billboard.

As the band plays, some animations are dancing momentarily in the video. Once in a while, the animations made of leaves and metal are seen blending it into the real band members and the whole scene is epic. Some animations are made of patterned car models definitely Hyundai car models of course as a marketing trick in the video. But it’s great!

This release comes just as Maroon 5 is reveling in the success of their track Girls Like You featuring Cardi B. The video featured major appearances from powerful female figures like Tiffany Haddish, the all the rage Camila Cabello, Ellen DeGeneres, Millie Bobbie Brown, Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot. Maroon 5’s Girls like you scooped a position 12 on Billboard’s Hot 100 a week ago.