Modo Man – Boondocks Gang Ft Mbuzi Gang, Creativity or Madness

Modo Man is perhaps the most outrageous song that the savage crew, Boondocks Gang, has worked on so far. As Kenyans, we’ve learned to associate all these Genge tone music crews with profanity and vulgarity.

However, this time, the Odi Wa Muranga-led crew, Boondocks gang has taken the madness to another level in their new banger.

The new song was meant to be the crew’s 2019-2020 bridge song. In the punchy song, the gang of artists continues to pump sex-laced and Shadda/Shash (Marijuana) – related vocabulary in the Modo man lyrics.

Well, we might not judge them a lot especially because the year has just started. On the contrary, their counterparts in the Genge tone realm, Sailors Gang decided to atone their evil ways as 2019 came to a close.

Sailors did this by releasing a gospel song dubbed Jesu ni Mwathani, loosely translated to mean “Jesus is Lord”. This is something that, probably, other crews like Boondocks and Ethic crew should have copied.

In Modo Man, the gang’s members namely Exray, Odi wa Murang’a and Maddox sought the help of the upcoming Mbuzi Gang.

Producer Mavo on the beat was the man behind the deck for the Modo Man instrumental. Exray and his team are currently working under the record label, Blackmarket Records.

This new track is the first song in their upcoming Album sharing the same title as the new song.

On the brighter side, you will really like the instrumental. Producer Mavo did a good job on this one. Other songs enlisted in the Modo Man Album by Boondocks include Vuvuzela, Kidole, Kanuthu and Nyama. 

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