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More Shocking screenshots from Vera Sidika Otile Brown Whatsapp conversation

Just yesterday, Nalia hitmaker Vera Sidika released shocking screenshots of her WhatsApp conversation with Ex Otile Brown. Ever since, both Otile and Vera’s fans have been asking the couple to get their hostilities behind them as it is hurting their reputation. But as the layman puts it,

No Publicity is bad publicity


Nevertheless, perhaps Brown and the curvaceous Sidika are pushing this thing too far. Yesterday’s shocking screenshots of a private conversation between the two showed us a completely different side of the story. In truth, the two had made up their minds to strip each other in the dialogue, each trying to prove that the other was the offender.

The shocking revelation from the screenshots was that Otile is ostensibly weak in bed, while his ex-girlfriend presumably a sex addict. Nevertheless, we all agree that it would be better for the two to sit down and iron out their issues before things get out of hand. Yesterday’s screenshots went about to drag Otile Brown’s family or if you like Vera’s in-laws into the matter, which came out rather nasty.

As we speak, Kenyan’s are already crafting Contemptible memes over the two. Merely hours after the photos went viral, Comedian Njugush and his Co-act Wakavinye released a meme mocking Brown’s 10 seconds performance in bed. We don’t know how far the two are willing to take this, we can only wait and hope they do get past this.




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