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Njugush Mocks Otile Brown after Vera Sidika 10 seconds insult

Just moments after Vera Sidika set the internet ablaze with shocking screenshots of their firey conversation with ex-boyfriend Otile Brown, tens of memes have been released to ridicule the couple. One of the funniest memes mocking the two is from renowned comedian, Njugush. Following the release of the KCPE results, Njugush decided to mimic a runaway KCPE candidate who seeks refuge at his former class teacher’s home. This is after allegedly scoring a poor grade of 111 marks. The video continues to show a rather hilarious conversation between the comedian and his alleged teacher, Wakavinye, so to speak.

The joke, however, was in how he presented his case

“Aki madam sijui Vera naweza Sidika” intended to mean (Vyenye naweza saidika).


He later went ahead to explain that with his marks he couldn’t afford going back home because he probably wouldn’t last 10 seconds. This last part was definitely aimed at Otile Brown whom according to the Nalia hitmaker cannot last 10 seconds in bed. Brown and his ex-lover have been throwing shades at each other since they broke up for the second time a couple of weeks ago. See video of Njugush ridiculing the couple below.

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