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Octopizzo drops yet another of his creative rhymes, actively outshining his co-haters. Actually, Oliel is one song that sounds very personal to Octopizzo. The first few stanzas kind of tells it all. The song has a Mexican refrain starting with a fine Mexican guitar tune. At the start, Octopizzo play-acts the guitar player and the rest of the act follows.

This song is the 1st Single off his upcoming 5th Studio Album and judging from the look of Oliel, we can tell that Octopizzo is about to light things up. OCTOPIZZO – Oliel is mixed and mastered by Jon Rook. It seems Octopizzo isn’t falling for local rookie class productions. The video is definitely done abroad.

There’s a lot of dancing and some salsa in the video. Octopizzo does some great moves in the song too, who knows this guy might as well go Guitarrón mexicano. One surprising act in the song is where Octopizzo mentions Nyanshinsky in the song and re-enacts Nyanshinsky’s “Naogopa Mungu Pekee” replacing it with something like “Mimi Pekee”.  In the meantime enjoy OCTOPIZZO – Oliel. The lyrics go something like this.

“mi ndo huanzisha na bado mi humaliza

Mi ndo huwakisha na bado huwazima

Ambia Kenya Power staki stima,…”

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