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 Saba – Ethic Official Video – Profanity or Music?

Ethic, the Overhyped Kenyan Crew of Four, has now released a rather controversial video for their song Saba 7, which debuted late last month. Ethic is perhaps the most notorious and uncouth Kenyan music crew that ever existed. At least that’s what most people are reporting on social media. After the success with Lamba Lolo, the crew made up of 4 talented youthful lads namely Rekles, Seska, Swat, and Zilla, went ahead and partnered with yet another of Kenya’s loutish music groups, The Kansoul for a banger tagged POSITION.

Since then, Ethic has received massive airplay both on social setups and on streaming channels. Nonetheless, social media is awash with mixed reactions about the path that Ethic is taking. Many musicians have taken this path before and ended up lost in the end. Actually, all the three songs done by the crew, to be precise Lamba Lolo, Position, and Saba7 are filled with crude sexual phrases and coarse language. This is something that is not auguring well with a good number of Kenyans. True the Kids might have the talent but the mentorship is all wrong.

Sadly, it would be heartbreaking for Kenyans to expect anything more righteous from them, while their first mentorships are coming from the likes of MadTraxx. Saba has taken Ethic’s profanity to the next level. To be honest, it’s quite funny how a big recording studio like Pacho records would let this slip through their fingers. At least, if you are going to put your name on the video, filter out some of the obscene content. This is going into your portfolio, guys.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with the production quality of Saba. Nor is there any issue with Ethic’s choice of beat. However, lyrically, this is not the way to win more fans. We all like the fact that Ethic is going Pro with every new video. And Of course, Saba is still one of those videos that will make Ethic a huge hit. But if you look at this from a long-term perspective, Ethic is treading on a short dangerous route to doom.

Being young, the team still has a chance to redeem themselves by releasing real music. This means doing away with all the profanity. Come to think of it, do we still hear of “Manyake”? Why? Because vulgarity only sells for the short term. But when you listen to the kind of music that people like Sauti Sol, Eric Wanaina and Ali Kiba do, you get a completely different vibe. People will listen to their music even in decades to come.

Not that their songs are any holier than Lamba Lolo or Ethic’s new video, Saba. But at least these people have the courtesy to censor their work. Ethic’s saba Video was directed By Mackenzie while Pacho Studios did all the mixing and mastering. Watch the video and share your sentiments about it on our social pages. Also, don’t forget to share J

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