Sauti Sol Tujiangalie ft Nyashinski stirs political debate

Just literally days after the Saut Sol crew doubled up with self-made crooner Nyashinski for the song Short n sweet, the squad is now back with another track This one is titled Tujiangalie and is definitely one of those songs that won’t go without making an impression. Unlike their previous song, which was basically a love themed one, Tujiangalie takes a totally different angle. The message behind the track is that Kenyans are fed up. Lately, the government has been in a tight spot after failing to explain the expenditure of millions of shillings and the run-of-the-mill scandals we are hearing every day.

For Shinsky, this is not the first time he has attempted political commentaries in a track. However, for Sauti sol, this is a huge, huge step since the crew hardly does any other type of songs other than love-themed ones. Sauti sol collaboration with Nyashinsky for Tujiangalie comes at a time when Kenyans are consuming contraband sugar and witnessing massive looting of the Ports authority, NYS, and the NCPB. This track is a wakeup call for Kenyans to speak their hearts out and engage in evocative political activism.  Insults on Social media won’t solve a thing. It’s time Wakenya tujiangalie. The song is co-produced by prod. MBOKS

The lyrics to this song go something like this:

Barua Toka Jaramogi na kenyatta

Wanauliza kama Kenya kuko sawa

Nikawajibu Kenya tuko na disaster

Watoto wetu wanazidi kuzikana


Na tom mboya ameshika tama

Alituacha kama angali kijana

Je? angekuwa mambo

Yangekua sawa?