Shape Nice

Vybz Kartel has just released the official video for his song Shape Nice. The song, which debuted earlier this year, sometimes in February 2019, has received quite a good reception. In this new video, Dre Skull put his best talents on the payroll to produce an entertaining yet relevant video for the slow-paced banger.

And the girls,…. whooo! what a good choice. One thing I liked about the video is Its coordination, not to mention the dramatic moves that the dancers portray in the visuals.

Though obvious by now, we can’t fail to mention that both the Shape Nice Video and MP3 were produced by Dre’s own recording company by the name Mixpak Records.

The Brooklyn-based DJ has been a close associate of Vybz Kartel since the days of the Gaza Empire. This new project just tries to show that the relationship between the two was not injured in any way by Kartel’s murder lawsuit.

To be honest the lyrics and beats of this new song are well arranged. It is hard to even to believe that one of the acts in the banger is serving jail time.

Shape Nice Vybz Kartel Video Shoot
Shape Nice Vybz Kartel Video Shoot

It would be unfair to ignore Afro B’s contribution to Shape Nice MP3 and video. He did do a good job although his input was pretty minimal. With V.K at the start of the track, you can’t expect anything short of perfection in the new track. Listen to more MP3s on VybzKartel Radio