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Skales doesn’t do Drugs just Blue Raspberry, singer denies claims of Abusing Rohypnol (Ruffy)

Skales has been the talk of the month after a fan accused him of abusing drugs. The fan pointed the blue color that appears on the singer’s tongue in most of his videos and accused him of abusing a drug called Rohypnol or Ruffy in slang. However, the singer has come out clean about this issue in a recent track he released titled “Body” featuring Sarkodie.

The news went viral a while ago when the said fan uploaded a video of Skales singing and revealed that the conspicuous color on Skales’ tongue could be as a result of abusing Rohypnol, a drug that is known to leave a blue shading in the mouth of the user.  Skales’ blue tongue is evident in some of his videos.

In response, the singer dropped a video in his defense and called it “Body”. The song features Sarkodie, a renowned Ghanaian rapper. Both singers saw the allegation and felt the need to make a video to clear their names. Drug abuse in West Africa is a huge menace that has left very youths living desperate lives.  In the said video, the singers pointed out that the blue tongue is as a result of consuming Blue raspberries.

He said ‘Blue raspberries we don’t do drugs over here, Bayo show them your tongue i want them to see it, Blue raspberries FAM, we don’t do drugs

Skales additionally expressed ‘Say No to Drugs, Stay Healthy’ and he likewise sent an expressive R.I.P message to Mac Miller. Body by Skales ft. Sarkodie is a passionate song that guides the youths against drug abuse. Enjoy!

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