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Team Reminisce Opens up Hennessy Cypher 2018

The long-awaited Hennessy Cypher 2018 is here with us. The event presents a rather intriguing group of performers including the lyrical assassins from Team Reminisce. Last year, Hennessy brought big rap teams into the limelight including the likes of Unstoppable Rebels, Alumni Frat Boiz and Femme Fatale. Just like in other past Cypher events these three Hennessy Cypher teams had to face each other head-on so that the judges can agree on which crew did best.

Personally, I thought that the Frat Boyz were the deserving winners, you probably saw how well they outdid The Gidi Gang and Femme Fatale. All the same, Unstoppable Rebels won the hearts of many, but not mine. In this year’s Hennessy Cypher event we expect a tense adrenaline rush. One of the crews performing in the 2018b Cypher sessions is already set. This team is non-other than the Reminisce.

The Reminisce crew features a number of talented rappers including the likes of Odalis, Ifex G, and Bobbi Phillie. The rappers are already doing great in the event. Below is their latest performance. You can learn all about Hennessy Cypher in our previous article here.

 What is Hennessy Cypher?

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