Nigerian artist Burma Boy released Thuggin and Darko MP3 a while ago although the bangers are still gaining traction. This compilation comes a couple of months after the On the low crooner opened the year with his super album Steel and Copper. The album enlists the two songs plus 34 and Innocent man.

The artist in collaboration with DJDS portrayed their creativity through the release of a short catchy and fascinating video for Thuggin and Darko. The video is a combination of the two songs, that is, Thuggin and Darko.

The video is well orchestrated thus passing a strong message to the audience in a clear manner without any ambiguity.  The composition starts with Thuggin, which is a heartbreaking story of violence caused by a gang and its unforgiving repercussions.

Basically, the banger is just a sad tale of gang violence which is common in most parts of Africa and the sore consequences of crime.

Afterward, comes the second part of the video which is Darko. Here, the storyline traces back from when the character was a caretaker, but later on, he went through a character change process into Darko. Both songs might bag some awards for the crew.

All the instrumentals for the bangers were prepared by DJDS, who spearheaded the production of Burna’s Steel & Copper album.