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Top 10 Best and Real Worship songs in Kenya

Worship is a deep reverence for God. Unlike other musical Genres, it is aimed to be a thoughtful, self-reflecting experience as we exalt our Maker, thanking him for his grace and mercies. The Kenyan Gospel musical scene is awash with all sorts of music, some worthy of being deemed as real gospel songs, while others standing on thin ice between secular and Gospel. I honestly believe that most of the songs we think of as the best Gospel songs in Kenya are way beyond being christened as true worship music. Starting from the lyrics down to the kind of dances that are featured in some of these controversial gospel songs in Kenya, you can hardly claim that you are worshipping when listening to these songs.

In addition, some of the Gospel artists in this country maintain scandalous lifestyles that are completely the opposite of true Reverence God. Not that we are judging them, I mean we are all sinners obviously but, at least when it comes to matters relating to God, shouldn’t you as a gospel musician become more serious with what you are doing. Of course, just like a preacher, your reputation is being scrutinized by the same audience that your music goes out to. At the very least a gospel artist is a mentor to fellow Christians. If by any chance you misbehave then it means you are misleading the flock. As if that’s not enough some musicians are into Christian worship music just for the money, and this is where we all go wrong.

Anyways, in this list, I have compiled some of the best true worship songs in Kenya. Let me know what you think about my favorite worship playlist on our social platforms @thecroonzone and which other songs we could add to this list.


1. Mercy Masika – Wastahili

Mercy Masika became a hit 3 years ago after her first countrywide banger  Mwema, produced by Tim Still Alive went viral. Although she hardly writes her songs, her voice is magical. Wastahili is an emotional adoration song for God, one that is surely moving and intense. Its Video is directed by Steve Hunter who outdid himself with this particular video. This song was released early 2018 and comes after her hit song Upendo. This is actually one of the most downloaded worship songs in Kenya.


2. Eunice Njeri – Unatosha

Garnering over 2.4 million views on YouTube, this arguably one of the most successful songs sang by Eunice Njeri. Just like Masika’s Mwema, Eunice Njeri’s Unatosha debuted 3 years ago and remains a major hit in Kenya. In this song, she describes how God is enough for us despite all that we go through. The Video for this song was directed by Ken Heman of Eagles Films. Just about two months ago, Eunice released yet another insightful worship tagged NgurumaThis new track is based on PSALMS 29: 2 which says

Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

3.  Evelyn Wanjiru – Waweza

Evelyn Wanjiru is an old figure in Kenya’s Gospel music industry. Waweza has remained an all-time worship song played in almost any church in the country. The song debuted back in 2012 and has over a million views on YouTube. In Swahili, the word Waweza can be translated to mean “You are able”. This song got Wanjiru nominated in the 2012 Groove awards for two titles namely Best worship song of the year and New artist of the year.

The song’s audio is produced by Producer Agundabweni Akweyu. Nevertheless, the video is not that great though you can understand since it was done 6 years ago. Of course, she was just starting out so you can imagine all the budgeting and stuff. Crizo is the man behind the video. All the same, this is a really nice worship song, after all the message is all that matters for a true worshipper.

4.  Christina Shusho – Wa Kuabudiwa

Shusho is a consistent gospel artist who hails from Tanzania. Her songs, however, are listened all over East Africa and predominantly in Kenya. Wa Kuabudiwa was released in 2015 under her album Unikumbuke (Remember  Me Oh Lord). Shusho has a rather unique, soothing voice that makes all her worship songs epic. The message in this song is also very weighty. Wa Kuabudiwa means the one to be worshipped in Swahili. In a span of 3 years this song has garnered over 1.7 million views on YouTube and millions of downloads all over East Africa.

5. Erick Smith – Wewe Ni Zaidi

As you will probably note, this list is dominated by female Worship artists. However, there are still some notable Kenyan worship artists like Erick Smith. Erick is an upcoming gospel artist in the country. His song Wewe ni Zaidi will send you into a deep reverence for God. This track debuted back in 2015 and has since garnered over 2 million views on Youtube. Actually, Smith wrote the song himself and then contracted Sam Lokua of Fusion Media to record the audio for him. The Video is done by Marto Kijana Msafi.

6. Mtakatifu by Frank

Frank Mtakatifu, as the singer is normally referred to as by his peers is yet another reputable gospel artist in the country. His song Mtakatifu which debuted two years ago received massive airplay on radio stations and in churches. In truth, this is a really wonderful and emotive worship song. Mtakatifu means Holy in Kiswahili, and Frank tries to explain how he will not serve any other God apart from the Living God.

7. Umetukuka by Israel Ezekia

Though not known by many, Israel Ezekia is a prolific Kenyan Worship music singer and songwriter. He is not exactly new in this genre, though his worship songs are perfect for those quiet times and Worship sessions in your house. Umetukuka is a Swahili word meaning “to be exalted” or high. As Christians, we believe that The Lord is to be exalted and high above everything else on earth. This is in line with Psalms 113: 4 – 5 which says:

The Lord is exalted over all the nations,
his glory above the heavens.
Who is like the Lord our God,
the One who sits enthroned on high,

8. Ahadi Zake by Marion Shako

This song debuted over a decade ago and till today people still use it as their mobile phone ringtones. Marion Shako is an old figure in Kenya’s Gospel music scene and Ahadi Zake is perhaps her most successful song of all times. The phrase Ahadi Zake can be translated to mean “His Promises”. In this track Shako talks of how God is true to his promises and fulfills each and every one of his promises. Though a bit old, the message in this song is very sound and relevant to today’s Christian, who should remember that God is true to his word.

9. Ebenezer- Angela Chibalonza

Even after her unfortunate demise in a fatal road accident, people all over East Africa still listen to Chibalonza’s songs. In as far as Gospel music is concerned, Angela was a true mentor to gospel artists and an insightful songwriter. Her song Ebenezer debuted about 9 years ago and is still played on radio stations even today. Angela Chibalonza is survived by a daughter and her husband Bishop Elisha Muliri.

10.  Eunice Njeri – Nimekubali

I complete this list with Eunice Njeri’s  Nimekubali. Nimekubali means, “I have accepted”. This song was produced by Robert Kamanzi or if you like RKay. Rkay is a respected Kenyan music producer. On the other hand, the video for Nimekubali was directed by Ken Herman. There are literally hundreds of worship songs in Kenya, we only picked our best 10. Please tell us more songs that you think should be on this list on our social channels. Also, don’t forget to like and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Support good music by supporting us.


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