Nicholas Simmons aka YBN Nahmir has just released a new track dubbed Tweak. The Bounce out with that hitmaker has been making a good fortune from his music career.

Nahmir, who is just 19 years old as of now, entered the limelight with his two bangers Rubbin Off the Paint and Bounce out with that. The former song was listed on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart,  while the latter took the first spot on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.

Tweak is a rather intriguing song with a smooth flow. The banger was produced by Kaneki the talented hip hop producer, while its video was directed by Louie Knows.

In just about an hour, the banger garnered over 63K views on YouTube. WorldstarHipHop got exclusive rights to republish the song on their Online handles, so you might not find the MP3 elsewhere online for now.

The dope thing about this song is its beat arrangement. YBN’s Tweak Instrumental has some sort of classic Hip Hop feel, but the punchy bass beats are just convincing. Sadly, the track is utterly too short.

From start to end it takes about 1.52 minutes and this might disappoint hip hop completionists. The language used in the song is also slightly graphic. So be forewarned if you don’t like the “B” and “N” Words.

On the other hand, the video is shot somewhere that looks like the back of a club. We cannot also fail to mention that the boys in the Tweak Video are flaunting real guns in the visuals (Might wanna watch this away from your kids).

Image courtesy of WorldstarHipHop