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Wasafi FC – WTF! Is this the Football Club Diamond Platnumz is buying?

Well, the next time you do a simple Google search on the best “Tanzanian football teams”, expect to find one by the name Wasafi FC. Tanzania’s lyrical icon Diamond Platnumz has announced that he is now ready to invest in a big football team.

Diamond’s approach to how he intends to acquire a top Tanzanian football team is dazzling many. This is because the father of four made it public that he is not going to build a team from scratch.

Instead, he intends to buy one of the already successful football clubs in the country. Of late, Tanzania has been making progress in the sports realm.

Football, in particular, is one of the games that the country’s clubs are excelling in. This very fact has attracted quite a number of investors ready to chip in on the sport. Notably, the country is home to teams such as

  • Simba S.C,
  • Young Africans S.C,
  • Azam FC,
  • Lipuli FC
  • The Mwanza based Mbao FC

Which football club is Diamond Platnumz buying to make Wasafi FC?

This is just to mention but a few. There is a high chance that the now super-rich musician will be buying among the top ten best Football teams in Tanzania. The said team shall then be rebranded to Wasafi FC to match Platnumz’s empire.

The biggest guess to many people is that Diamond Platnumz might have an interest in Simba FC, Young Africans or Mbao.

However, these are just speculations but as the  Swahili say

“Lisemalo lipo” – What is always said by people is most likely what turns out to be true

If by any chance the Baba Lao crooner buys any of the aforementioned clubs, then is surely a strategic investment.

In an interview on Wasafi TV and radio, the singer explained that buying a football team is not a problem for him. However, what would be a challenge to the singer is building a team from the ground up.

Wasafi FC diamond Platnumz

In the Interview, Diamond Platnumzz clarified that he will only buy an already honed and successful team. This possibly will make his work easier and spare him the troubles of signing new and experienced players just as he kickstarts his new investment.

Watch the Interview on Wasafi FC below:

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