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 What is Hennessy Cypher?

Hennessy Cypher is a Nigerian Hip Hop event organized by Hennessy as a way to celebrate the Hip Hop culture in Africa and appreciate new talent in the genre. Nigeria as we know it is the home of Africa’s best lyrical talent. Hennessy Nigeria discovered this authenticity in Nigerian music, especially in the country’s rap genre. Hence, it organized an event called the Hennessy Cypher for talented rappers to showcase their talent.

Of late, it has become the talk of Nigeria’s hip-hop scene. Basically, veteran and upcoming Nigerian rappers freestyle or rap their own creations in this event.  Also, Hennessy partly structured this Cypher event as a rap competition. Nonetheless, its main aim is to provide an open platform for upcoming artists to show the world what they can do.

When does Hennessy Cypher happen?

Every year, Hennessy calls upon renowned West African rappers especially those in Nigeria to perform in Cypher sessions. Here, the artists freestyle and entertain their fans just like we normally see in BBC Live lounge. Later on, upcoming artists take the stage and perform their rap songs. Some of the prolific rappers who have performed in Hennessy Cypher sessions include Falz, YounSix, Dremo, and Muna.

Although the event is not yet that widely held especially beyond Nigeria, the 2017 Cypher rap competition kind of drew some considerable attention to the event. Nonetheless, some rappers have shared mixed reactions towards Hennessy’s initiative. Some say that the event only presents recycled content throughout the sessions. Others think that most upcoming Nigerian artists favor flow over lyricism. These are just some of the negative sentiments.

Whatever the case, Hennessy is doing a noble job in bringing novice rappers to the light. Apparently, it’s the only way that these Nigerian artists can gain popularity. 2018 Hennessy Cypher event is already approaching and we expect a better performance than last year’s event. In Africa, people hardly appreciate African Hip Hop Music. Most Hip-hop lovers in Africa listen to Western rappers like Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar and the like.  Thanks to initiatives from companies like Hennessy, new African talent gets unveiled every year. If you enjoyed the Coke Studio then this Hip Hop Cypher event definitely suits you.


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