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Willy Paul Kanungo Finds Love on Social Media, Poze begs for it!

It’s been hours since Saldido records boss, Willy Paul released yet another banger tagged Kanungo coming after his last track Alkaida. This new track has received mixed reactions, most of which are positive. Well, he might be the most criticized artist in Kenya but when it comes to doing his thing, Willy takes his love for music to another level. The original Kanungo E Teko song is a rather controversial Luo track sung by Otieno Aleko.  Up until now, people all over Kenya, including those that do not understand Luo language are familiar with the song.

Although there is a very thin line between Willy Paul’s Kanungo and the secular version of the song, the lyrics in Poze’s song suggest that the artist wanted to keep everything in his Gospel niche. Nevertheless, most of his fans were impressed by this song, and the criticisms were considerably low this time. The two contentious songs come at a time when the award-winning artist is trying to get his new record label, Saldido records off the ground.

Earlier, this year, Mr. Abubakar Radido, aka Poze, flaunted his opulent life inside his new studio in a video that went viral on social media. In the video, the artist displayed bundles of cash on his table saying that his record label is a life-changing one. Now back to Kanungo, Willy himself took to social media to explain how the new hit song is special to him. To be honest it is a major improvement from Alkaida both in terms of the quality of production and lyrical structure.

Compared to Sikiretiwe could say that the new hit shows greater promise, probably greater than what he did with Badgyal Cecile. Here is what people had to say about the tune.







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