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Wizkid’s ambitious plan to build schools in all African countries

Starboy Wizkid has an ambitious plan to build a school in every African country. The celebrated singer tweeted about his ambitious dream after signing a lucrative deal with the designer, Nike. Allegedly, Wizkid wants to give back to the African community where he hails from. Actually, the singer announced that he will be using part of the proceeds he makes from the Nike deal, to finance his noble schools initiative.

It’s not a common thing to see African celebrities giving back to the society at this kind of magnitude, but we hope that WizKid will live up to his promise. In the western world, we have seen the likes of Drake and actor Keanu Reeves donate huge sums of money towards noble projects like schools and charity campaigns.  If Starboy brings his dream to life, he will pave the way for other successful African celebrities to take up helpful projects for Africa. Wiz Kid hopes to start his project in three major places, namely  Benin Republic, Ghana and his native town Surulere in Lagos, Nigeria.

Wizkid is arguably the best and most proficient singer that Africa has ever known. For this reason, the singer has a huge fan base in Africa having performed in most countries on the Black Continent.  Nike will be launching the official Starboy Nike-designed Jersey as part of the deal that the company signed between itself and the musician.

Wizkid’s ambitious plan to build schools all over Africa will be financed through making huge sales of the said Jersey to his fans. In his tweet, the singer urged fans to buy the new Jersey once it launches. Afterward, he will request his fans to choose a suitable place or country for him to start his school project. Nonetheless, the singer deleted one of his tweets which most people didn’t get to read. Personally, I think this is a smart idea. Let’s join hands and make Africa a better place for everyone. Below is one of Wizkid tweets about building schools in Africa.

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